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ecsxplorer's Journal

Experimenter-Centered Statistics eXplorer
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This is a community dedicated to designing and implementing an open-source statistics program that answers to the needs of researchers, tentatively titled ecsXplorer. (As in, experimenter-centered statistics explorer. You can pronounce it "x-explorer", because "ecs" pronounced as a word would sound like "x". And... and... as long as you're at it, you might as well call it "double-x plorer" because that makes it just 2 Xtreme. Maybe it should just be "Double X". Oh yeah. Badass!)

If you're interested in making a kick-butt freeware alternative to incredibly expensive software like SPSS, join this community and you will be taken on a nonstop thrillride from ANOVAs to z scores! If you think of yourself primarily as a programmer, you might accidentally learn a wee bit about stats during your time here; if you're mostly a stats guy, you might learn a bit about programming. But everyone will learn poignant life lessons about love. That's an order.

Primary goals/philosophies of this software are:
1) ease of use
2) controllable, annotatable workflow
3) however the data is displayed (pictorially or numerically) it should be interactive whenever possible- clicking on one part of an information display should generate another
4) everything should be scriptable, and the script commands generated by mouse-based explorations should be stored in a human-readable format for later review (see #2)

An exhaustive set of analysis functions can be built over time, but these principles should have primacy throughout development.